For every 8th full grooming service you get a free refreshing bath for a Nixi guest.

Our Mission

Professsionalism and love

In the 13th district of Budapest In our pet grooming salon, you will find a comfortable, safe environment, dedicated and continuously trained staff and premium quality products. You can come with a dog, cat or rabbit: we strive to work in a way that earns the trust of owners and pets to become our returning customers.

Our Services

Our expertly trained staff are here to provide you with a unique and complete range of services – all under one roof.

Dog grooming

If you just need a bath, we'll take care of it. Our products are all natural and soothing to your pet. After bathing and brushing, they will be clean, and look refreshed and groomed.

Cat grooming

We also welcome cats at our salon and look after them with loving professionalism, whether it's a claw trim, grooming or any other unique need.

Rabbit grooming

Rabbits like to keep themselves clean and groom themselves regularly, but there are some things even they can't do for themselves.For example, cutting their claws, cleaning their scent glands, brushing their teeth and grooming their fur (especially during their quarterly molt).

Doggy day care

If you don't like to leave your dog home alone but can't take him with you, we're right here for you. We welcome small and medium-sized dogs at our doggy day centres. Your pet will be placed in a safe, comfortable space. We play with them, if they are the friendly type, they can play with others, but individual placement is also available upon request.


What our patrons say

Nothing gives us greater pleasure,
than the words of our satisfied customers

„The staff are always smiling and respectful: they care not only about the dogs, but also about the owners. The groomer was very nice, she asked me what style of coat I wanted for my dog."

Péter Nagy, Budapest

„I love the style the coat is fashioned into. I finally found The Groomer! Bodri is 14 years old, about to be 15, but he looks like a puppy with the current style."

Andrea, Budapest

"A fantastic team of professionals. They are kind and fast, even though my Australian shepherd is not young anymore. They treated him wonderfully. Rexi looks fantastic and smells great."

József Tóth, Budapest

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Veterinary clinic

We chose to work with Tutivet Veterinary Clinic because, like us, they treat our pets as if they were their own. They provide a modern, high quality service with up-to-date professional knowledge. They have the latest diagnostic equipment at their disposal, but they also combine traditional and the latest treatment methods.
Just like us, they are a dedicated and close-knit team who put your pet’s health first.
They also have a veterinary pharmacy where medicated foods and medicines are available on the spot. Your pet will be in the best of hands with them.

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