Cutting, Trimming, Undercoat plucking, Combing according to fur type
Bathing, Claw cutting, Earhair plucking, Expression of anal glands

Mini breeds short haired:
French bulldog, Mops, Short hair Wiener dog, Boston terrier, Chihuahua etc.
from 7.800 HUF
from 8.500 HUF
Chinese Crested dog
from 8.800 HUF
Yorkshire terrier
from 8.800 HUF
Maltese silky terrier
from 10.300 HUF
Bichon bolognese-havanese
from 10.800 HUF
Bichon frisé
from 12.500 HUF
from 12.000 HUF
Shih Tzu
from 10.800 HUF
West highland white terrier
from 11.000 HUF (trim from 13.500)
Bedlington terrier (hobby)
from 14.500 HUF
Toy poodle
from 11.800 HUF
Dwarf poodle
from 12.800 HUF
Medium poodle
from 13.500 HUF
Giant poodle
from 25.000 HUF
from 20.000 HUF
Jack Russell terrier
from 8.800 HUF
English cocker spaniel
from 15.800 HUF
Cavalier King Charles spaniel
from 10.800 HUF
from 12.000 HUF
Pomeranian Spitz
from 13.000 HUF
Cairn terrier, Border terrier, Wire haired Wiener dog
from 12.000 HUF
Irish terrier
from 13.500 HUF
Dwarf schnauzer
from 12.500 HUF
Medium schnauzer
from 15.000 HUF
Belgian, Brussels griffon
from 9.800 HUF
Border collie, Australian Shepherd
from 14.000 HUF
Golden retriever
from 15.500 HUF
Labrador retriever
from 13.000 HUF
Husky, malamut
from 18.500 HUF
Shetland Shepherd
from 11.000 HUF
Bernese Mountain dog, Long haired Collie
from 21.500 HUF
Portuguese Water dog
from 25.000 HUF
Claw cutting
2.000 HUF
Sanitary cutting
4.000 HUF
Expression of anal glands
3 000 HUF
Tooth cleaning with ultrasound
from 15.000 HUF
from 7.500 HUF
from 8.000 HUF

The prices are valid for regularly (every 4-6 weeks) groomed standard size dogs!
In the case of mixed breeds, prices will be adjusted to the most similar pure breed!
For dogs with neglected, knotted coat and problematic temperament an extra charge (25-50%) applies!

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