I’ve always been fascinated by animals, I grew up with them, they were my friends, I knew everything about them and when my mother showed me an advertisement for a dog groomer training course, I was sure that I was meant to be there.

As soon as I got my qualification, we started setting up the salon. I envisioned an aesthetic place that would be safe, comfortable and welcoming for the animals, and professional, trusting and lovable for the owners. I wanted a salon where people would feel comfortable to walk in and entrust the staff with their pets. We also make sure that all the tools and products we use in the salon are of premium quality, ensuring the high standards that I expect of myself and that our guests have a right to expect of us. Our groomers have many years of experience, but we all believe in lifelong learning, so we regularly attend training courses to keep our knowledge up to date.

You will find us close to the heart of Budapest, our salon is located in one of the most beautiful and green areas of the 13th district, with several dog walkers and cafes nearby.
You can easily reach us by public transport and by car, parking is always available nearby, just don’t forget to buy a parking ticket.

The logo of Nixi Pet Cosmetics is inspired by my puppy, Peanut. He’s the one I experimented on during my studies and is, for me, the most loving pet in the world. I know yours is, too. You can count on us, and we will treat him with respect if you entrust us with him.

Dominika Lázár
Manager, owner
pet groomer

Filep Viktor

My name is Viktor Filep, dog groomer, agility competitor and trainer. From age 15, I have
been working with dogs at a competitive level, since then there is no stopping either in
sports or in my love for dogs. I’ve been working with poodles since 2016, they are
excellent sporting dogs, but their coats require so much care and grooming that I
completed a dog grooming course for their sake in 2019.

Since then, I not only love my dogs, but also my job. I believe just like the saying says, that it’s not just a good preacher, but also a good pet groomer who learns for as long as he lives. Nixi Pet Cosmetics supports me to the maximum in the continuous development of my knowledge.

Nixi Pet Cosmetics is a workplace where I am happy to work. I love coming into a
spacious, bright, clean place with a good atmosphere every day. I'm a lucky to be here and to do what I love to do.
Nixi Pet Cosmetics opened in May 2023, I already have a lot of returning customers,
and would like to thank them for their trust and kind words.

Filep Viktor
pet groomer

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