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Dog grooming

We love our work. We’re passionate about pets – just like you. We
want to give them the best, just like you. That’s why each of our
guests receives a personalized grooming experience with kindness
and exceptional care, agreed upon in advance with the owner.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, we will be
happy to answer them. Our aim is to keep your pet safe and secure
with the best quality treatment available.

• Comprehensive care
• Spa
• Other care
• Services available upon request

Cat grooming

We also welcome cats at our salon and look after them with loving
professionalism, whether it’s a claw trim, grooming or any other
unique need.

Rabbit grooming

Rabbits like to keep themselves clean and groom themselves
regularly, but there are some things even they can’t do for themselves.
These include trimming their claws, cleaning their scent glands,
brushing their teeth and grooming their fur (especially during their
quarterly molt). Whatever your rabbit’s coat type, whatever the
problem, you can always come to us and we can help.


You can also shop at our salon. You can find premium quality leashes,
collars, harnesses and other accessories, handmade by small
Hungarian companies, as well as a selection of fragrances. If you like
something, you can usually take it straight away, but we’re also happy
to help you make your individual requirements a reality.

We work with the following manufacturers:

• Puppy handmade
• Szigoletta
• Woof
• Bánkúti
• Theomi Paracord

Dogy Day Care

If you don’t like to leave your dog at home alone, but can’t take him
with you, we’re here for you. We welcome small and medium-sized
dogs in our doggy daycare. Your pet will be placed in a safe,
comfortable space. We play with them, if they are the friendly type,
they can play with the others, but individual placement is also
available on request.

Puppies are walked several times a day and fed if you prefer. This is
only possible with the food you bring, due to possible allergies or
other sensitivities. We will of course ensure that they are kept
hydrated. Our doggy daycare is open from 8am to 6pm on weekdays.
Price: 7000 Ft/day.

Book an appointment

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whether you have been to our salon before.
If not, please fill out this short form so we can record your pet’s details.

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