We love our work. We’re passionate about pets, just like you. We want to give them the best, just like you. That’s why each of our guests receives a personalized grooming experience with kindness and exceptional care, agreed upon with the owner in advance. If they just need a bath, we’ll take care of it. Our products are all natural, which will soothe your pet. After bathing and brushing, they will be clean, fresh and well groomed.


Using a premium quality shampoo according to the coat type and color - shampoos for multi-colored pets - we bathe the dogs, then dry and comb them using two different machines. In each case we also carry out sanitary clipping, claw trimming and ear cleaning, then trim, or scissor the coat to shape, then comb and apply perfume again.When it's all done, a clean, fresh-smelling and happy dog can run to its owner.


We trim three types of hair: wiry, spiky and mixed. When trimming, dead hairs are painlessly removed from the hair follicles. The process can be done with a trimming knife or Zorro. Dead hairs are easy to identify,they are duller in colour and curlier (e.g. a dachshund with wiry hair should have smooth body hairs, not a matted,spread-out body hair). Regular trimming of pets from time to time can reduce the risk of skin diseases and is therefore highly recommended.


We use the premium quality Hydra range, which is only just beginning to be recognised in this country. This spa service is only recommended between cosmetic treatments, because it nourishes the hair in such an extraordinary way that it becomes impossible to scissor, trim or machine the hair for a while.

The service consists of several steps
• Cleaning with Hydra Spa shampoo
• Conditionig with a drizzle of vitamin oil
• Permanent conditioning of the hair. The animal is rinsed off and then sprayed with a special spray that is dried into the coat.
• Application of perfume

The animals then leave us feeling refreshed, beautified and reborn.

Use of perfume

Each owner can choose from more than 10 different perfumes to choose the scent of their pet after grooming. All perfumes are skin- friendly and hypoallergenic.

Claw cut

Dangerous but necessary, and not recommended to be done at home as it can cause serious trauma to both the owner and the animal. It isvery easy to injure the nerve endings of the toe digits when cutting the claws, which is a huge pain for the animal and a source of lasting pangs of conscience for the owner. We do this professionally, with great practice and safely. Normally, a claw cut takes five minutes. If the claws are not cut and the claws overgrow, reaching down to the ground, it will split the pads, which can cause joint problems. Minimal and short bleeding during the procedure is rare, but can occur and is managed professionally by us.

Paw care

It is recommended for all dogs with cracked paws, for example because their paws are not properly hydrated. Cracked paws can be extremely painful for the animal, making it difficult for them to move freely and in a care-free manner.

Ultrasound tooth cleaning without anasthesia

Many owners are afraid to put their dogs under anaesthesia more than once, as every time they do, they shorten their pet's life. Our phenomenal ultrasound toothbrushes eliminate the need for anaesthesia. A special toothpaste is applied to the dog's teeth, which softens the tartar in a few seconds, and the tartar is then removed easily and almost painlessly with the ultrasound toothbrush.

Ear cleaning

Using the best ear cleaner for your pet's breed, we gently wipe the ear canal. If your dog has particularly hairy ears, our groomers will trim the ear hair and ensure that it cannot block the ear opening after brushing. And if necessary, we can also refer you to our veterinary partner.

Stink gland cleaning

If a dog drags its bottom on the floor, it could be a sign that its stink gland is not emptying itself as it should. In this case, a squeezing semicircular movement through the rectum is used to squeeze out the mucus. This will make the dog feel much lighter. Once the mucous gland has been squeezed out, it should then be emptied regularly. If this is not done regularly, the stink gland can become blocked and the secretions can build up and cause serious illness.

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